18 November 2009

Computer Online Store

     Now days, everyone need computer for their activity. Computer can help human activity at the office, store, market, school, and at home too. Using the newer computer is a must, because most of the newest software need more resources likes monitor with higher resolution, multifunction printer, new models of keyboard, mice, speakers, desktop computers and laptop too. Computer makes our live easily.

     Traditionally, we can get computers and peripherals at computer shops near our home. But, sometimes they don’t have what we want. We must look for on other shops or shops in other our town. It must need more money and time for travelling from one shop to other. Not effective if you are busy man.

    Where can we get computers and its peripheral easily? Internet of course. There much online shops / store on internet. We can easily using our search engine to get it. We can see the catalogue on their site and compare prices from one online shop with the other. Buying computers online is easily, we can do it from our home. And we can pay by credit card or pay pall. Computers or peripherals we bought will send to our place. Its easy, isn’t?

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  1. wah, sekarang postingannya kok pakai bahasa linggis, pak jai. ikutan review, yak?

  2. betul pak wali, saya juga mau mencoba ikutan Kang Rohman Irama

  3. @pak sawali
    ini juga hasil meguru sama eyang Marsudiyanto. Iseng-iseng berhadiah, sekalian belajar bahasa linggis, mbuh bener atau nggak bahasa linggisnya.

    Silahkan ikutan nggabung buat review mas, sekali dayung 23 pulau terlampaui.

  4. Wah, aku kurang puas, soale durung diterjemahke .... boso Londo, ....


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